RDP/VAE used in Mortars & Skim Coat

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RDP/VAE used in Mortars & Skim Coat

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JINJI® Re-dispersible Polymer Powder (RDP/VAE) is free-flowing white powder made by spray-drying special water- based emulsion. Mostly based on naturally vinyl acetate- ethylene.

Special Features

- Increased adhesion to different substrates
- Improved compressive and flexural strength
- Better abrasion resistance
- Increased tensile strength and deformation capability
- Enhanced flow and self-leveling properties
- Defoaming properties
- Stabilization against bleeding and sedimentation

Application Methods

1. For the production of ready-mixed dry mortars.
Such as adhesives and troweling compounds, blend JINJI® RDP with the other dry ingredients in appropriate equipment. Temperatures should not be allowed to rise excessively during mixing because otherwise the dispersible polymer powder could agglomerate and lead to the formation of small lumps of resin. The mortar is prepared for use by adding the recommended amount of water and mixing mechanically or by hand. Since hand mixing generates little shear force, we recommend allowing the fresh mortar to slake for 5 minutes and then stirring it again. This is usually unnecessary where mechanical mixers are employed. Its purpose is to improve the bonding performance of ceramic tile adhesive and simplify the construction process of ceramic tile sticking.

● The redispersible polymer powder has a significant influence on the bonding strength of cement-based tile adhesive. With the increase of RDP in tile adhesive mixing, the water resistance and ageing resistance of tile adhesive will increase. Among them, the rise in ageing resistance is remarkable.

● The shrinkage value of tile adhesive will increase with the addition of RDP. But the incorporation of RDP in tile adhesive is beneficial to the overall performance of ceramic tile adhesive.

● The addition of RDP can improve the lateral deformation ability of cement-based tile adhesive. When the mixing amount of RDP in tile adhesive is 2%, its lateral deformation can meet the requirements of the S1 grade of the adhesive standard; When the mixing amount of RDP in tile adhesive is more than 4%, its lateral deformation can meet the S2 grade adhesive standard requirements.

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2.For the production of Skim Coat /Wall putty

RDP/VAE mix with water can be quickly dispersed into emulsion, it has the same properties as the initial emulsion, water evaporation can form a film, this film has high flexibility, high weather resistance and high adhesion to a variety of substrates. This is very important to improve the water resistance and permeability of wall putty.

● RDP  improve the comprehensive strengths, bond strength, water resistance and construction ability of the putty.

● It can effectively reduce the cracking and chalking of the powder especially from a wall putty or putty powder.

● It can prolong the service of the life of wall putty and then reduce the maintenance of the cost.

● Non-toxic and non-pollution

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