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hpmc rdp used in Cement Render & Plaster

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JINJI® Cellulose is used in Cement based Renders & Plaster mortars- for water retention, extend open times, anti- Spatter and stabilizing.

Cement-based render (plaster/mortar) is a building material made by mixing cement and sand in a particular proportion. It has been extensively used on internal and external walls to perform the functions of waterproofing, improving fire rating, and aesthetic zing the surface through the use of colored or textured renders. According to its functions, cement-based renders can be categorized into several types: base coat renders, one coat renders, decorative renders, skim coat, self-leveling compounds, waterproofing mortars, etc. Compared with other mortars, it has better fluidity, durability, and workability. HPMC plays a key role in cement based render(plaster/mortar) to achieve the excellent performance of water retention, open time, workability, crack resistance, sag resistance, etc.

JINJI® Cellulose is temperature tolerance, improves fresh mortar density and smoothly workability.

JINJI® Cellulose helps to retain the water within the cement render. This gives an increased open time.

JINJI® Cellulose act very quickly in cement after add water. The cement render get thickening and retardation at site.

Robust/ Stable viscosity and stickiness texture.

More Information about HPMC Products:

1. Products classification: unmodified products with surface treatment and highly modified products
2. Viscosity range: 50~80,000 mpa. s(Brookfield RV) or 50~ 300,000 mpa.s(NDJ/Brookfield LV)
3. Quality stability: ensures the most stability of our products quality.
4. Unmodified products: Higher purity, better performance and more stable
5. Highly modified products: Imported technology offers better properties like water retention, slip resistance, crack, resistance, longer open time, etc . Widely used in Tile adhesives, Wall Putty, Mortars, Gypsum based products, etc.
6. Products traceability: We keep samples for each batch No. products for 3 years to track any quality problem raised by customers.
7. R&D center: We have a world- class R&D center to ensure the most professional technical support to our customers.

We have an excellent supplier of HPMC for tile adhesive, ceramic tile adhesive, tile adhesive mortar, good water retention, longer open time, slip resistance, better workability in China, which is also a professional manufacturer and supplier. Our factory has been focused on the production of high quality cellulose ethers products of industrial grade and construction grade for years. If you need such products and don't know where to buy, come and contact us. We will offer you competitive price and professional services.


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