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hpmc used for Self-leveling mortars

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JINJI® Cellulose is used in Self-leveling mortars for water retention, extend open times, anti- cracking and stabilizing.

Self-leveling is a very advanced construction technology. Due to the natural leveling of the entire floor with minimal interference from the construction personnel, the leveling and construction speed are greatly improved compared to the previous manual leveling process. In self-leveling, the dry-mixing time makes use of the excellent water retention capacity of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. Since self-leveling requires a well-mixed mortar to be automatically leveled on the ground, the use of water-based materials is relatively large. Adding hydroxypropyl methylcellulose can control the water retention of the ground after pouring to achive a smooth and flat surface with the key properties of anti-cracking, anti-shrinkage, preventing segregation, lamination, bleeding, etc. and the dry ground has high strength and low shrinkage, thus greatly reducing cracks.

JINJI® Cellulose helps to retain the water in cement. This gives an increased open time.

JINJI® Cellulose act very quickly in cement. The cement get thickening and retardation at site.

Robust/ Stable viscosity and stickiness texture. Effectively prevent the even-surfaced cracking.

Improve hydrophobicity.


HPMC is used in self-leveling compounds to improve their processing and final product properties. (MikaZone can provide customized formulations to meet your specific industrial needs.) It improves the consistency and bond strength of the self-leveling compound, extending the setting time and ensuring better quality over a longer field working time.

HPMC for Self-leveling Mortar Advantage

Increased leveling, surface aesthetics and abrasion resistance
Improved flexural and tensile bond strength on various substrates
Reduced formulation complexity
Option of using different qualities of raw materials
Stabilisation against bleeding and segregation

HPMC for Self-leveling Mortar Typical application

– Industrial and residential flooring
– Cement based self-leveling materials and screeds
– Gypsum based floorings
– Pumpable and hand-applied self-leveling materials

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