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hpmc rdp used in tile adhesive

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JINJI® Cellulose is used in Tile Adhesive/Grouts for water retention, thickening, bonding, anti-sagging and stabilizing.

The best tile adhesives consist of cement, sand, limestone, water, and some performance additives, and are mainly used to bond tile to adhesive. Cellulose ethers (e.g., HPMC, MHEC) and Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP) are part of the tile adhesives formulation, and they play an essential role in improving product efficiency and performance. And it is formulated differently in different countries or regions. There are various types of tiles and substrates, also the environment and trowel methods differ from one place to another, thus the performance requirements of cement tile adhesive are different.
We have a wide range of products to meet the performance requirements of tile adhesive in different applications, as shown in the following advantages:

JINJI® Cellulose is easily dispersed in cold water.

Water Retention - JINJI® Cellulose helps to retain the water within the tile grouts. This gives an long open time and improved the bonding strength.

Good Thickening - JINJI® Cellulose act very quickly when adding water in dry mix cement. The tile adhesive get thickening and effectively solved the sagging problems.

Robust/ Stable viscosity and stickiness texture.

Natural renewable polymer with chief component cotton linters, it provides safety materials for building the green home.

Tile Adhesive
Tile Adhesive

Cement-based tile adhesives are one of the most extensive applications of our JINJI® cellulose ethers and JINJI® RDP. Our products can effectively enhance product adhesion and cohesion, sag resistance, workability and final product consistency.

JINJI® HPMC for Tile Adhesive Advantages:

★ Improve the adhesion between ceramic tile sealant and ceramic tile edge;

★ Improve the flexibility and deformation ability of caulking agent;

★ Give caulking agent excellent hydrophobicity to improve water resistance and stain resistance;

★ Salt-petering reduction

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