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hpmc rdp used for Skim Coat/Wall Putty/Gypsun plaster

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JINJI® Cellulose is used in Wall Putty/Skim Coat for water retention, binding, consistency and stabilizing.

Wall putty (also named by Skim coat) is a material for filling the imperfections and smoothing the surface of walls. It is a cement-based fine powder that is indispensable before painting. Its excellent adhesion and tensile strength can extend the life of the wall paint. It can be used on both dry and wet walls, and also be applied on interior and exterior wall finishing. Its function is to remove uneven defects on the surface of the base materials of wall, and eliminate the stress between different coating layers. Its good adhesion strength, compression strength, flexibility, water-resistance, and workability features make it an important material in building and construction.
We have developed different grades of products with various properties to meet the needs of all customers. We also offer tailed formulations that can provide you with the most suitable products for specific raw materials and special local requirements.

JINJI® Cellulose is easily dispersed in cold water.

Water Retention - JINJI® Cellulose helps to retain the water within the wall putty film and also to delay it from penetrating into the substrate or evaporating.
This gives an increased open time and effectively solved the chalking and cracking problems.

Contribute to dispersion by improving flow during gringding. Easy and smooth workability.

Robust/Stable viscosity and creamy texture.

Natural renewable polymer with chief component cotton linters.

Our JINJI® HPMC application for Skim Coat Advantages

Improve water retention, sag resistance, crack resistance, and thickening effect.

Enhance the adhesion of putty to various substrates: JINJI®polymer powder-RDP have good thickening effect, It can enhance the consistency and bond strength of the wall putty, Suitable addition rate of it makes it has better adhesion feature.

Improve the consistency and stability of putty: JINJI®HPMC/ MHEC are vital key to adjust suitable consistency in fresh mortars. Suitable consistency enables fresh plaster to attach well on walls as well as to make surfaces smooth and be applied easily without the feeling of stickiness.

Provides putty with good workability: Better leveling and reduced stickiness of JINJI® HPMC/MHEC can be applied easily to wall putty/skim coat, which easy to operate and construction, and can significantly improve the construction efficiency.

Improves hydrophobicity: After add the JINJI® polymer powder -RDP the hydrophobicity of wall putty/skim coat has improved, and waterproofing effect is significantly increased.

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